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Legally and legally integrated system in order to achieve the private interest of the client and the public interest of the community.

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When a person is a party to a dispute, he may have missed his claim or to defend himself in the appropriate manner, because if he was aware of the details of his opponent, he would often hide the correct means for him to start the dispute or push it in a correct way, and from here our interest in working in an integrated system legally and legally in order to achieve The private interest of the principal and the public interest of the community.

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Legal services that include all legal work for all judicial and quasi-judicial authorities in the Kingdom

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Pleading and representation of others

Pleading and representing others in legal cases And commercial   Real estate, administrative, banking, labor, penal, customs, expropriation, personal status issues, liquidation of inheritance, and proof of wills and endowments.

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Executing local and foreign judicial rulings

Implementing local and foreign judicial rulings and all executive bonds and commercial and financial securities issues

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The liquidation of the estates and proof of wills

The liquidation of the estates and proof of wills and endowments

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Legal agency documentation

Legal agency documentation service Cancellation, void of real estate, notarisation of partner establishment contracts, financial returns and mortgages.

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Company formation, transformation and merger

Establishing, converting, merging, restructuring and liquidating companies

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Obtaining foreign investment licenses

Obtaining foreign investment licenses and property ownership permits for non-Saudis

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Preparing legal and Sharia studies

Preparing legal and Sharia studies Providing consultations and drafting contracts and agreements Monitor their implementation and prepare companies' bylaws.

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Trademarks and Agencies

Registration of trademarks, patents, industrial designs and intellectual property, termination of procedures for registering commercial agencies, distribution and commercial franchising

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Arbitration cases

Arbitration cases Drafting arbitration documents, representation of its parties, and initiating invalid claims related to it

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